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~*~*~*ACTIVE LOG*~*~*~

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: The trio is uploading their supplies into a military vehicle before leaving for the mountains.
Players: Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Prussia, Canada, and Isalad
Location: The entrance between Switzerland and the shadow world
Time lot: After meeting up with Isalad (6 AM, U.T.C +1)

Isalad smiled at them, her gaze focusing on Liechtenstein. “I am a friend. I have been waiting here in order to help you.”

Switzerland did not look convinced at all; this woman was one of them he knew it! He knew even Austria could tell.

“Help us how?” Austria questioned, his gaze fixed on the woman.

“To help you free your friends. They are already badly wounded so we have little time to waste. . .” The woman looked sad for a moment. “Already we have lost one of them with all the delays.”

“L-lost?” Liechtenstein asked softly, voice shaking slightly.

“Cuba is dead, and if we do not hurry the others will soon succumbed to the same fate.” Isalad said as she turned and walked forward. “Follow me if you wish to save them, or remain here and know that your world has no hope.” With that she seemed to step right into the rocks quickly disappearing from sight.


No matter how much the three tried to escape there seemed to be no hope of breaking out of their restraints. Forgotten or not if they could not get free there would be no hope of escape. Someone a sense of what would happen should Xaldin return echoed in their minds; each of them remembered watching Cuba die and they had no doubt any of them could be next.

Gilbert’s shouting was energizing but it did no good in the end. Even though she was free she was so shaky that she could barely stand, and even when she did she couldn’t seem to get either of them free from their bindings. “I-it’s like its sealed shut with something. I-I can’t open it!”

“Keep trying!” Canada said encouragingly as she continued to try and pull at his bonds, and even went over to Gilbert’s to try.

Yekaterina shoo her head. “I’m sorry it’s hopeless!”

Together we fight, we'll do what's right

~*~*~*ACTIVE LOG*~*~*~

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: Bunker
Players: Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Spain, Romano and Poland, Russia, Belarus, latvia (possibly others as we move along)
Location: Somewhere in Lithuania
Time lot: After the fight with the shadow wolves (8:00 AM UTC +2)

The drive back to the bunker was very crowded. The jeep wasn’t big enough for all the nations but they managed to fit everyone in by having the most injured nations sitting on the others. It made for a bit of a quiet and awkward ride. Though they were both injured and in pain, Lithuania and Estonia were able to direct Antonio to the bunker that Russia and the others were still in.

When they arrived it was to a still closed bunker. Since it was locked from inside they had to knock on the bunker door to alert the others of their presence.


Inside the bunker Russia, Latvia and Belarus were talking about the strange things that seemed to be happening to them. They were ignoring the woman for the moment, she was not exactly going anywhere at the moment. The three were far more concerned with figuring out what had just happened. Belarus seemed to think it was the woman but Russia and Latvia did not seem so sure.

Their discussion however was interrupted when a banging came from the door. Not sure if it was their friends or the enemy Russia went to the door to investigate.

United at last we stand fast

~*~*~*ACTIVE LOG*~*~*~

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: In Japan's home, currently waiting for Germany and the others to arrive
Players: Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, N. Italy, Korea, Demark
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Time lot: The night after the attack (9:00PM UTC +9)

It took hours before the ferry eventually made it a port at the city of Fukuoka, making sure the ferry made it to the dock without wrecking anything had been quite a challenge. They were all surprised they had made it at all. After sneaking off the ferry, with Denmark and Germany helping a still injured Korea and Italy following along, Germany got in contact with a car company and soon they had a rental and were on their way to Tokyo to meet up with Japan and the others.

The drive was almost another four hours and not pleasant for any of them. Germany drove but it was obvious he was tired, Denmark sat beside him and Italy was with Korea in the backseat. Korea was still in pain and currently dozing fitfully with some relief thanks to a bottle of pain killers they had picked up on the way.

By the time they got to Japan’s house it was very late.


At the same time as Germany and co were on their way, Japan and the others were discussing what had happened. With Taiwan constantly checking up on her wounded brothers, and the men trying to assure her they were fine, there wasn’t much of an actually discussion going on at the moment. Mostly each nation’s thoughts were occupied with their own thoughts about the attacks and what the paper they had found meant.

Some time around nine there suddenly came a knock on the door, which Taiwan answered revealing Germany, N. Italy, Denmark and Korea. Surprised, thinking Japan had said more were coming she invited them in.

Given how worn down everyone looked the questions that came to each of their minds was ‘what happened to you?’
~*~*~*ACTIVE LOG*~*~*~

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: Outside the portal
Players: Norway, Sweden, Finland, America, Sealand, Iceland, Australia, Nee-hang, Beltis
Location: Iceland
Time lot: Minutes after exiting the portal

Everyone was relieved to be out of the portal, Iceland had rejoined the group again, and though tired they all decided to head back to the island nations home. Despite Norway’s question the twins refused to say anything until they were safely away from the portal, thus the return to Iceland’s house.

With Sweden too tired to drive and no one really trusting America to after his captivity, despite his insistence that he was fine, it was Finland who took the wheel. Beside him sat a contemplative Norway and all the others were crammed into the back seat with the children sitting in the laps of the adults.

When they got to Iceland’s and Sealand was put to bed, the child being exhausted, the others gathered in the living room and looked to Nee-Hang and Beltis for an explanation on what was happening.

“Before we explain about Zutrin we must first tell you about our people.” Nee-hang began looking around at the group. Both he and his sister looked quite serious and mature for such young children. “Our people live in a world without light where it is hard to survive and where war is very common. Unlike your world ours has a hierarchy, everyone answers to one leader this is Maulin. Under Maulin there are two queens Isalad and Ceadraa and one general Xaldin.” He paused then studying America, Australia, and Sealand. “You have met Xaldin and Maulin.”

Beltis took over from where her brother had left off. “Recently Xaldin decided that we should take over your world; there are many who support him and some who do not. Maulin himself has not chosen a side; it is why many of you were taken because he wanted to know about the people here. I’m afraid we do not know which side of the conflict he has chosen.”

“You have allies though.” Nee-hang said with a smile. “My sister and I, Isalad and Zutrin, it is Zutrin who is your greatest ally because he has been guiding your friend England to him not only to be freed, but also to help you attain the one thing that will help you defeat your enemies.”

Our hearts united will bring us strength

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: Inside the shadow world to rescue their fellow nations
Players: Norway, Sweden, Finland, America, Sealand, Australia, Nee-hang (possibly others as we move along)
Location: Unkwnow place
Time lot: minutes after entering the portal

There was darkness everywhere.

The world they had stepped into was entirely different than their own and there was darkness everywhere, with the exception of a faint light that seemed to originate from some unknown source.

They could faintly see the walls on either side, but the ‘hall’ they were in was wide. The ground was also made out of a rough texture that to no one seemed be able to identify. They were not however given much chance to as Nee-hang quickly gestured for them to follow him.

Norway looked over at Finland as the other joined him and shook his head, Iceland would not come. Frowning slightly he nodded and turned back in the direction they were heading even as Sweden moved closer to Finland to protect him.

“This way.” Nee-hang said as he began to walk down the sloping path.


America was thinking over what they had just been told by Maulin, as well as what the ‘man’ had just done to Australia’s koala. Just what did Maulin mean by what he said? America could not wrap his head around it, even more so he was beginning to grow worried about his brother, it felt like hours since he and Prussia had been taken.

Sealand tried to comfort Australia as best he could about the death of his mate, telling him that the koala was in a better place and that he needed to get a hold of his sorrow to get out of there. The distraught nation heard his words and knew them to be true, it may have been hard but he was determined to not let his mate’s death be in vain.

(Please post in two sections; one for the Nordics and one for the prisoners and only post replies to the first post in that section. Anyone who breaks the chain will have their post deleted and have to repost. Because there are two different ‘scenes’ we need to keep them all together so that things don’t get confusing until they join.)

What is lost may soon be found

~*~*~*ACTIVE LOG*~*~*~

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: On the ferry to Japan
Players: England, Seychelles, France and Thailand
Location: Somewhere in Korea
Time lot: After they are pushed off the ferry. (9:45 AM UTC +6)

The attack had come unexpected, for all of those involved. France had not noticed the man at all, but he had certainly noticed when he was pushed overboards, into the frigid water. He cried for help but no one noticed. He was at the mercy of the waters then, doing all he could to survive. Darkness soon over took him however as he continued to be battered by the water.

Thailand hit his head as he fell, and was aware of nothing, not even his body hitting the water.

When she had been pushed, Seychelles had grabbed at anything in a desperate attempt to save herself before she fell, she had caugh the jacket of the strange man who was with them and pulled him over along with her. Now she had lost hold of him and was trying to find something to cling on to, she could find nothing before a particularly hard wave knocked her uncoscious.

England let out a startled grunt as he was pulled overboard by Seychelles. As he was he caught sight of the man who had attacked them, before he was plunged into icy cold water. He came up coughing and sputtering, looking for Seychelles. He saw a blond head not too far away, or thought he did, but it wasn't long until he couldn't see anything anymore as his awarness slipped away.

Hours later France opened his eyes, looking up at the sky realizing he was alive. Sitting up he looked around, seeing three bodies further down the beach. Closest was Seychelles, then Thaialnd, and further down that stranger. None looked conscious. Getting up he made his way over to his fellow nation to see if she was alright first.

At the same time as France was checking on Seychelles; England was dreaming.

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To thine own path be true

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: On the ferry to Japan
Players: Germany, North Italy, Denmark, Korea
Location: Somewhere in the Yellow Sea
Time lot: After the monster begin attacking the ferry. (7:10 AM UTC +6)

It was Denmark who first heard the screams from inside the ferry. They were screams of terror, followed soon by cried of pain; there was obviously something going on inside. The three nations ran inside, Korea joining then on the way, what they saw could only be described as chaos.

There were people running around everywhere, screaming in fear as a small creature chased them. The creature was about the size of a small dog but with wings. It also had large razor shard teeth, each bang about six inches long and as shard as knives. There was already blood glistening off of those fangs. Nearby a random man was down, and screaming, a tear in his leg from where the creature had bit him.

There were guards trying to get people out of the ship, while others prepared to attack the creature with batons. Denmark and Germany exchanged a look as they pulled out their weapons and joined the fight. That left Northern Italy and Korea to help evacuate the people.

(be sure to read this post: http://community.livejournal.com/permaneo_spes/16063.html?thread=600255#t600255 to catch up to what just happened)

Brothers unite, let's stand up and fight!

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: The fight near the bunker
Players: Estonia, Lithania, Hungary, Spain, Romano and Poland (possibly others as we move along)
Location: Somewhere in Lithuania
Time lot: A few minutes after the attack (6:00AM UTC +2)

After the fight with the Shadow Ox, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Romano sat quietly inside the car, too anxious to even try to engage on a conversation.

The lack of contact on the radio made the nations even more nervous, neither sure of what had happened to the people in Lithuania.

Spain was driving, his carefree attitude gone with the recent fight, barely focusing on the road ahead as he wondered about how the others were doing.

Romano sat on the backseat, looking out the window but as lost in his thoughts as his former boss, frowning badly as he waited.

Poland held the radio tight against his lap, trying to reach Estonia almost desperately. The lack of contact made him near hysterical, what if Liet was in danger?!

Hungary watched the road carefully, they were so close now, couldn’t take much longer, could it?!

It was then that the only girl in the car saw, a few shadow wolves crossing the road caught her eyes; it seemed they were hunting something down.


Lithuania and Estonia were cornered against the partially destroyed building, as the last wolves from the back got into their positions, between the bunker and them, and a few others around the nations.

As another of the creatures was shot down by the middle Baltic, the wolf reaching for him grabbed his brother instead, dragging Lithuania away by a tight bite on his arm.
Log or Journal: Log
Scene: A bunker in Lithuania
Players: Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus (others as we move along)
Location: Somewhere in Lithuania
Time lot: Two days after being in the bunker (5:00AM UTC +2)

When Lithuania and Estonia got to the surface there was little to see. Medininkai was visible in the distance and the town seemed relatively peaceful, though Lithuania could sense differently through his connection to his people. Ignoring that though he turned to Estonia to see if the other had made up alright.

Estonia still held the makeshift radio in his arms and looked around for a good place to try and gain radio contact. He noticed a hill not to far away and pointed there. His brother nodded, sword drawn, as they headed to the hill.

It was there Estonia tried to get in contact with Ukraine and Poland again.


Meanwhile inside of the bunker Russia, Belarus, and Latvia were left in silence to wait.

Russia was lost in thought, face showing mixed feelings, worry and pain, anger and anxiousness. How was Ukraine? But he couldn't focus for long, the wound on his stomach stung him every now and then, Maybe for the best, thought the Russian.

W-why did they leave me!? I’m going to be hurt or worse killed! Latvia thought to himself as his trembling became much worse.

Belarus watched her brother in worry. Why won’t brother let me care for him? He let Lithuania do it instead. I’ll just kill him and then brother and I can get married The thought was incredibly pleasant to her at the moment.

Because everyone was lost in their own thoughts and it created a tense silence between the three.

The Things we Learn are Forbidden

Log or Journal: Log
Scene: In Japan's home, currently waiting for Germany and the others to arrive
Players: Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong (and possibly others as we move along)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Time lot: The morning after the e-mails (9:00AM UTC +9)

Things in Japan were very quiet after the e-mails from Liechtenstein. All they had to do now was wait for the Europeans coming their way, silently praying that Switzerland’s little sister actually managed to contact Germany and the others.

Taiwan was sitting on a futon, quietly trading words with her friend, while she changed the bandages on Hong Kong’s right shoulder. The girl was frowning slightly in worry, but didn’t dare voice her thoughts about how late the Europeans were.

Hong Kong was sitting quietly near Taiwan, wincing in slight pain whenever the girl pulled his wound too hard. His face didn’t show any traces of discomfort, though, his mind also too lost on the happenings of the previous weeks.

China was standing near his stove, making tea for his siblings. The Chinese still tried to talk to the others, despite not having that much feedback, the man still tried to set a better mood in the small dining room.

Japan was somewhat restlessly. He just felt like he had to find the answers to the attacks. Despite his injured hand, he was browsing through the books on his personal library, not finding anything that looked useful until he came across a very ancient parchment.

The scripts on the parchment didn’t look like Japanese, but maybe one of the others could read it.